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Luxury Interiors Values

We know that choosing an interior designer can be a real challenge, so we strive to help clients feel at ease. Our experience, resources, and style needed will bring your vision to life. We convey a passion for the client and consistently deliver the greatest possible service experience while applying the highest standards of design excellence.

We believe good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space. Whether you want to beautify a residential space or revamp a dull estate, our team of talented interior design professionals can get the job done and provide you with a space that is as eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Fine-tuning interiors based upon client’s tastes and personalities, our original use of innovative designs create timeless and balanced spaces. Our connections with the most prestigious Italian furniture and home accessories companies known worldwide allow each customer to choose and enjoy original and flawless products. We can bring knowledge and experience to the decisions made not only in regard to fabrics and furniture but also in electrical, plumbing, space planning, and interior architectural detailing.

Luxury Interiors is the brand of Genius Architettura & Design and promotes Italian luxury style and quality.

We have the ability to provide you an everlasting space you can live and work in that exceeds your expectations

Monica GeoroceanuCo Fondator

Monica Georoceanu

CEO & Interior Designer

With an experience in the field since 2004, highly recognized and appreciated by the most demanding clients for projects carried out both in Romania and in Europe.

Our true passion is to bring dreams to life

Monica Georoceanu