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Commercial Hospitality Design

The Luxury Interiors is proud to offer design services dedicated solely to the commercial and hospitality sector. Our Division delivers strategic interior design planning and environmental branding to transform hotels, restaurants, luxury multi-family properties, retail, commercial spaces and more.

Our step by step design process


The Planning Phase begins with a kick-off meeting, during which we take the time to truly understand you, your business, and your goals. From there, we dive deep into research. In order to deliver the best results, we must first have a firm grasp on your industry, its competitors, and your target demographic.

Creative Process

We begin the Creative Process by defining a “Big Idea” based on our findings from Phase 1. Once you are on board with the overarching concept for your space, we prepare a design presentation. This will include renderings, floor plans, wireframes, styling examples, preliminary pricing, and more.


During the Development Phase, we will dive into the details. Finishes, lighting, equipment, hardware, plumbing, window treatments, art, furniture, and accessories will all be selected. We will also provide you with a finalized budget during this phase.


Now it is time to put all of our plans into action! During the Execution Phase, we will bid and award sub contractors, as well as oversee all construction. From there, we will coordinate with vendors, manage installations, and receive and deliver furnishings and accessories.

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