Space optimization

Budget analysis & List of materials

Interior design courses

Selection and analysis of colors

3D Design

Customizing the furniture design

Selection and analysis of the overall theme and style

Execution Plans / boards

Consultancy and supervising the execution of work

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Interior Decorating

Choosing an original decorating style for your home will transform it into a place where you want to come back with pleasure every time. LUXURY INTERIORS designers have put the consumer needs first. Thus, there have been created unique environments based on criteria such as to ensure comfort, functionality and elegance. The space that carries the signature of LUXURY INTERIORS is a very unique one that reflects your personality with great accuracy. At the same time it may become for each of us, that place that we like to call “home”. Large spaces are “dressed” with good taste, emphasizing the owner’s sophistication. Young spirit and unconventional elegance are the essential features of the LUXURY INTERIORS concept.